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작가인터뷰 | 올해의 작가상 2017 | Korea Artist Prize 2017 | ARTIST INTERVIEW

by 현청 김


국립현대미술관과 SBS문화재단이 공동 주최하여 올해 6회를 맞이하는 올해의 작가상! 한국현대미술을 대표할 역량 있는 작가를 전시하고 후원함으로써 한국현대미술문화의 발전을 도모하고자 마련된 전시로 올해는 회화, 영상, 설치 등 다양한 형식과 주제의 작품으로 국내외에서 예술적 역량을 인정받고 있는 네 명의 선정 작가와 함께합니다.

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Korea Artist Prize 2017 _ Talks 13.Sep.2017 – 18.Feb.2018 MMCA Seoul Cosponsored by MMCA and SBS Foundation, Korea Artist Prize presents its 6th edition this year. Through its award and exhibition program, Korea Artist Prize seeks to identify and support talented artists who represent the vast potential and future vision of Korean contemporary art. The qualified artist should demonstrate experimental spirit and originality that give impetus to a new discourse in the domestic and global art scene. Candidates for the “2017 Artist of the Year” include: Kelvin Kyungkun Park (b. 1978), Bek Hyunjin (b. 1972), Song Sanghee (b. 1970), and Sunny Kim (b. 1969). The four artists will present their new works at Korea Artist Prize 2017, which will be held September 13, 2017–February 18, 2018, at MMCA, Seoul. The winner of the prize will be selected based on a review of the exhibition and interviews conducted by the judges. The prize will continue to uphold its mission to support the creative endeavors of Korean artists and promote their works to a wider audience outside of the domestic region.

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